Handling Stress and Steps to Relax

Stress is a horrible state to be in, yet it is so common.  Research shows that half of adults experience stress daily and I must say I’m one of them. I’ve decided to write this post to not only address stress, but also provide some possible techniques of dealing with it. 

What actually causes stress 

Now I’m not a Neuroscientist, I don’t claim to know the ins and outs of stress and what reaction it causes in our minds. But what I do know are the most common reasons for stress occurring. Money, work, and things such as moving house are the main reasons behind stress in the UK, and these are all things that are injected by our modern society. These causes are all based around materials and finances and I personally feel that these are things society tells us we need to stress about and think of in a negative light. It’s no wonder we are all stressed. 

There are also more natural cause of stress, such as a break up or loss of a loved one. As cheesy as it sounds, these situations are all a part of life and are feelings we automatically feel as humans. As this is a natural form of stress, overtime we have the ability to slowly heal and deal with these emotions, and if not there are plenty of people to talk to.  Stress can be dealt with and I find that looking into the future, as well as surrounding yourself with good people, will provide the best possible of chance of having a happier mind. 

ANYONE can experience stress

When you think of stress, it is easy to picture a student worried about an exam, or an overworked parent juggling work life and parenthood, but actually, anyone can experience stress regardless of their situation. Obviously people stress about different things, but it is vital not to assume someone is not stressed. We all deal with things differently and all need support in our lives. 

It’s all about the mind 

Now I’m not one to sit on a mat and sing ‘ommmm’ all day long (although I would love to experience it) but I have dealt with mindfulness before and could really see the benefits. Mindfulness is all taking time out of your day to focus on you and your mind. One tip I learnt and still use is counting breaths. It’s a very simple technique and can be performed anywhere. You focus on your natural breathing rhythm and count ‘one’ in your head on an ‘in’ breath, and ‘two’ as you breathe out, followed by ‘three’ on the next in breath, and ‘four’ on the out breath, and you continue this all the way up until the count of 10. You then repeat this for the next few minutes or until you begin to feel better in a stressful situation. It is recommended you perform this technique in a quiet place and while you breathe, focus on how your stomach and chest rises and falls. It really makes you focus on you and you do feel a lot calmer for doing so. I sometimes even follow this technique if I can’t sleep and it instantly relaxes me. If you frequently suffer from a stressful lifestyle, it may help to practice this technique once or twice a day and see if it helps. 

Take time for you 

When you suffer from stress, your spare time can often been invaded by your worries and you therefore don’t have anytime to enjoy yourself fully. It is so important that you have the opportunity to ‘turn off’ and stop worrying. I spend my evenings simply laying in bed, candles lit, in my PJ’s and reading or watching TV. It sounds so simple, but I feel so relaxed and it allows me to sleep better for it. I also enjoy spending time with friends and family, going out for a drink or two, or simply just having a chat. There are so many ways to spend your spare time, and of course you know how you like to spend it, so why not just enjoy that time, smile and be happy. Get out of your head, focus on you or those around you and just have fun and chill! You don’t stress so much for the sake of it, you stress to make your spare time as efficient as possible, but why not just enjoy what you have in front of you? Treat yourself now and then, run a bath, go for a run, do whatever you do to put a smile on your face. 

As I say, these are all just my thoughts and feelings based off my own experiences. I am very aware we all have different issues, I’m simply sharing this post in the hopes someone relates and feels that bit better for reading. If you would like to learn more, there are plenty or apps and websites who offer fantastic support for those suffering with stress, and as always, you can contact me if you want to. I hope you found this post useful 🙂

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