Handling Curls and Embracing your Natural Hair

I have curly hair and spent many years hating it! I’m not talking wavy hair, I have full on frizz ball type hair, very old school Tracy Beaker. I used to wonder why everyone was so jealous of my curls when I would spend all my teenage years straightening them out, but over the last couple of years I finally understand my hair and how to tame it. Now I’m sharing my tips and tricks on how to manage curly, frizzy hair and how to show off those beautiful curls. 

How to tame frizz

Now I don’t mind my curls as such, but it’s the frizz that surrounds them that annoys me. But there is a way to lower the risk of frizz arising. First, towel drying your hair. It is important not to reckless rub a towel over your head like you’re drying your dog after a bath. This will not only add frizziness to your hair, but can also cause breakage. The best way to towel dry you hair is to tilt your head downwards so that you hair is dangling over your face, and gently rub your hand over the towel wrapped hair section by section. It may add a few more seconds to the towel dry but it is so worth it. 

I then add a serum to my hair. I use the John Freda one IMG_7128 (2) but any will do, just ensure that it promises smooth and frizz free hair. Apply this to wet/towel dried hair as it can act as a heat defence if you are to go on to use a hair appliance, but also it will allow the product to dry alongside your hair and will reduce grease. 

If I am planning on sticking with myIMG_7126 (2) curls as opposed to straightening my hair, I then apply a small amount of hair oil to my hair. I must stress I only apply a tiny amount as a little goes a long way with any oil. You can usually apply to either wet or dry hair. depending on the hair oil you are using. The positive of applying oil to dry hair means you can see results immediately  and can judge the amount of product in your hair more accurately. I would say that you would need to allow a couple of minutes for the oil to dry before heading out the door as you may have ‘wet head’ look going on, which is why it may be best to apply to wet hair. 

Most of the techniques to control frizz do involve products and there are a huge range available on the high street which is fantastic. I do also have a unexplained technique for brushing curly hair. If you’re anything like me, you’d know that when you brush out curls you’re basically left with an 1970’s backcomb level of frizz, so unless that’s the look you’re going for, it may not be the best thing to do just before you go out. That’s why I give my hair a mega brush in the evenings and sleep with my hair up. For some reason, I find that tying my hair up into a bun (I usually go for  a messy bun) causes the frizz to compress and thin out. I haven’t seen anyone else share this before so I thought it may be worth mentioning even if it does seem a bit odd! 

How to embrace those curls! 

Now for the days where you want those curls to shine! My top tip actually follows on from the hair brush one above. When I want a defined curl, instead of just tying my hair in a bun after I’ve brushed it, I opt for braids instead. I really can’t recommend this tip enough. By braiding your hair you can eliminate the frizz and also keep your hair tangle free, as well as providing defined curls and waves. I usually stick with a standard three part braid and use both dutch and french braids depending on how I’m feeling,  but any type of braid will do the trick and results vary across different braids. Depending on how curly you want your hair, it maybe even be worth double braiding. It may also help having damp hair to braid as it helps the curl last longer. If you haven’t just washed your hair, spray some water in your hair to help. 

After the braiding tip has done its magic and you wake up with IMG_7131 (2)gorgeous curls, you’d want to maintain them for the duration of the day. Now the obvious choice would be hairspray and while this does help, I find that it usually weighs the hair down causing the curls to drop. I opt for sea salt spray as it adds volume to your hair and provides ocean waves. There are many on the market to choice from, as well as online recipes to make your own. Personally, I like Superdrug’s own brand, it works well and is very affordable. Spray a thin layer in your hair, don’t drown away your curls, and leave to dry for a few minutes. 

Another curl friendlyIMG_7122 (2).JPG alternative to hairspray is spray in conditioner. Not only does it hold your curls, but it also flattens any frizz and leaves hair smooth and soft. Again,I recommend a small amount of product and to let it dry before heading out. There are a few great products on the high street but some can be slightly on the pricey side for everyday use. However, instead of using spray in conditioner, you could always try various mouses or hair waxes. 


So there you have it, my top tips for frizz prone hair and how to love your curls. I hope it helps and if you have another tips be sure to let me know below 🙂 

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