My All Time Favourite Christmas Movies

It’s finally December, meaning that it’s now officially Christmas in my books! I love Christmas and in particular watching Christmas movies! It’s one of my favourite festive pastimes and I want to share some of my favourite Christmas films with you guys. I must stress none of these are in a particular order… I couldn’t possibly rank them!



Elf is an absolute classic for me! I watch it every year without fail and it just screams Christmas. It follows the story of north pole raised Buddt as he discovers he’s actually a human and not an elf afterall. It is definitely a comedy with all the added festive feels. It is a more modern film compared to some of the classics as it released in 2003, but that means that I was old enough to remember getting the DVD and watching it for the first time, meaning it is a solid Christmas memory for me. I was even lucky enough to go see the musical a couple of years ago in the West End, which was just as amazing! 

The Santa Clause Trilogy 

By far the best Christmas triology there is (sorry Home Alone!) I love all three of these films, but my favourite would have to be the first, it’s just a classic! They follow the main character Scott as he suddenly becomes Santa Clause while he attempts to maintain a regular life. If you ask me, I would stuff the normal life and head straight to the North Pole but I guess that would make for a short movie! They feature the perfect Santa stories and they have the sweetest North Pole I’ve ever seen in any movie. If you haven’t seen them, I would definitely recommend you watch all three this Christmas.  

Love Actually

I feel like this is a favourite shared by many! Love Actually, unlike the previous two films mentioned, focuses on real life and relationships as opposed to Christmas itself. The film follows lots of mini stories which are all interlinked and have love at their core, all of which are set in the build up to Christmas. It is a romantic comedy which are my go to films anyway, but with Christmas in the mix just makes it perfect! What I love about it is that its set in 2003 London, so not only do I remember the time and music from my childhood, I recognise so many locations and traditions that are featured in the film. 

The Grinch (2000)

We all know the classic story of how the Grinch stole Christmas, and this film shows it in a modern film way. Like Elf, I remember the first time I watched the Grinch and I instantly fell in love with the story and the Christmas town of Whoville. Now I have a love/hate relationship with the Grinch. Don’t get me wrong, I love the film, but I used to be petrified for the Grinch himself which is still partly with me now! However, I know the film so well that I know exactly when to look away, just before his close up grins are shown! 

Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas 

Now this film brings back all of my childhood Christmas memories! It is a movie based around multiple mini stories all featuring Mickey, Minnie and the rest of the Disney gang. I remember having the video of this movie and watching it throughout the year, not just at Christmas! I think it’s clear this is when my obsession with Disney began! It such a lovely, heartwarming film, for kids and adults alike! 

The Polar Express 

Now I personally have a strict rule with this movie, and that is that I can only watch it on Christmas eve, which is when the film is set. I love the build up to Christmas it shows, the soundtrack is so heartwarming and it ALWAYS makes me feel extra festive. It is such a magical film about believing and the animation is just fantastic! 

These are just some of the films I love to watch every Christmas, if I were to list them all we would be here until new years! If you haven’t seen any of these I really recommend checking them out and let me know what your favourite Christmas movies are 🙂 


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