Caring for Sensitive Skin using Cheap Drugstore Products

For those with sensitive skin, you will understand the importance of finding a great skin routine. I am basically the world ambassador for sensitive skin! I have suffered with mild eczema ever since I was little and also have dry skin, so it’s safe to say that I don’t just use any old products on my face. However, I also don’t spend a fortune on face care products with every product I use coming from drug stores. or even supermarkets.  I use multiple products everyday to deeply clean my skin and add moister. Below are my favourite budget products that I trust completely and don’t irritate my skin.


Face Wash

I start everyday and end every night with with DSCF7344 (2)washing my face with a deep cleansing facial wash. I have tried many in the past including Simple’s ‘spotless skin’ and a few from Avon, all of which have been great and haven’t irritated my sensitive skin. I’m always on the hunt for new products and recently I have been using Asda’s own skin brand which I must say is very good. Not only is it kind it my skin, but the beads within the formula have really brightened my complexion and calmed down some blemishes. It was only £2 which is a bargain! 

My Daily Moisturiser 

WithDSCF7334 (2) sensitive, dry skin I am always eager to keep my skin hydrated. I am very loyal to Simple’s ‘Light moisturiser’ which I have been using for years. Simple in general is very good for sensitive skin and I know I can always trust their products, which is why you can expect to see a few Simple products in this post. The formula isn’t heavy or greasy in the slightest and it soaks into the skin very quickly. 

Carmex Lip Balm 

Now this is something I really rely on! DSCF7348 (2)I suffer from a dry cupids bow from time to time, especially in the winter months. I went to the Doctors about it quite a few years ago and they recommend Carmex. It is similar to Vaseline but stronger and provides a slight tingle, which to me confirms it is tackling dryness. I apply it every day without fail and the dryness is definitely less frequent and less noticeable. I really couldn’t live without it. 

Yet another ‘Simple’ Miracle

To cleanse DSCF7337 (2)my skin, which I usually do in the evenings, I begin with Simple’s Purifying Cleansing lotion. This product is a cleanser that is very similar to a moisturiser. I apply this with a cotton pad after removing my make up and make sure it all sinks into my skin. While it deeply cleanses my face, it also DSCF7338 (2)adds that all important moister my face needs after a long day. However, unlike my regular moisturiser, it has a more greasy finish. This is why I then use Simple’s toner to remove any grease and continue to cleanse my face. I simply apply the toner to a cotton pad and then apply it to my face in a similar way I applied the cleanser. These products are very kind to my skin and never provide any irritation, not even a slight ‘burn’ feeling you can get with some cleansers. Nonetheless, they really help my skin to remove any make up and add plenty of hydration to the skin.  

Child’s Farm Moisturiser 

In the summer, DSCF7327 (2)I read an article about a cream that one mother claimed cured her son’s eczema. As a suffer myself, I was curious and somewhat sceptical. However, as I saw that the affordable product was available in Boots, I thought it was worth a try. It did help with some eczema patches on my legs which occurred in the heat and I was impressed with the product. A few months later, I noticed that I had a cluster of breakouts on my chin and which I was struggling calm. I tried lots of anti blemish products but not much helped. It wasn’t until I noticed that the Child’s Farm moisturiser was suitable for applying to the face. I though, ‘hey, it’s worth a try’ and so I applied it to my chin. Now I’m not claiming that it completely cured the issue, but it definitely brought a lot of the redness down and made it look somewhat clearer. It has since become part of my daily routine and I apply it throughout the day. It isn’t too greasy at all and it also smells great. Now as I have sensitive skin, I try and avoid moisturisers with perfume, but this product claims to help so many skin conditions and has great reviews so I took a risk and it seems to have paid off!

So there is my top budget products for sensitive skin. I hope you have enjoyed reading and even have picked up some tips! If there’s anything you’d recommend for sensitive skin, I’d love to know 🙂


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