Reviewing the Garnier Moisture Bomb Night-Time Eye Tissue Mask

Over the last year or so I have suffered from dry eyes and have always struggled to find products to help add a bit of moisture to my eyes. I have tried a few different eye drop products and have used heated eye masks in the past, all of which helped but they always proved expensive in the long run. One day I popped into Superdrug needing some more deodorant, and I did my usual thing and brought more unnecessary skincare and beauty products and forgot the deodorant completely! Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there! Anyway, one thing that caught my eye was Garnier’s new range of eyemasks.  I’ve used Garnier sheet masks in the past and have loved them, and these looked similar but in an eyemask form, so I thought this would be well worth a try and maybe help my dry eyes. 

There were three or four different eye masks in the range and but the one that caught my eye immediately was the ‘night-time moisture bomb.’ mask. This tissue mask is infused with an ultra-light moisturising formula, enriched with deep seawater and natural origin hyaluronic acid; it covers your eye area entirely and promises relaxation. So, let me set the scene; it was a Sunday evening, I had lit some candles, turned on my fairy lights and I had laid down on my bed in a sea of scatter cushions and fluffy blankets. Unlike a traditional sheet mask, I wasn’t able to apply it and carry on with my day, as the mask went over my eyes meaning I wouldn’t be able to see, therefore it sort of forced me into relaxing, hence why I thought laying down might be the best option. The instructions stated not to apply the mask before falling asleep, which is something I do with heated eye masks, but I was recommended applying the mask as part of my night-time routine to help relax before falling asleep. I set my timer for 15 minutes, mainly because I wouldn’t be able to keep an eye on the time at all! The mask was easy to unfold, although I do normally find these types of masks somewhat fiddly and have been known to tear a few in the past, but as this mask was smaller it was only folded in half. It was advised on the packet that the mask should be kept in the fridge to enhance the cooling effect further but I opted against this as it was a freezing cold day and the thought just made me shiver! For the summer months though this would be amazing! 

I placed the mask over my eyes and luckily it didn’t feel overly wet or slimy. I closed my eyes and I laid back to relax. After about a minute, I suddenly felt the need to grab my phone. I tried to take a few pictures for the blog which as you can see turned out amazing cough cough. Well considering I couldn’t see a thing and didn’t have a clue what the pictures looked like until I was done with the mask, I’m just glad they’re semi usable!. In the background, I could hear the new David Attenborough documentary which I mean sounded amazing but I couldn’t really appreciate it without the incredible footage to go alongside it. I felt the sudden urge to check my whats app messages or scroll through Instagram, which was odd as I never thought I was someone who relied on their phone so much, but I guess this mask was a good idea to try and escape the digital world for a bit. It also made me realise that although I’m the first to prompt relaxation, I am always absorbing media and never just really turning off, so in a way this mask really helped with that. 

The timer went off and I peeled the mask off. You could wipe the excess off your skin but I opted to rub it into the skin and let it absorb. When it dried it felt amazing and almost tightened the skin, making my eyes feel heavy, which I suppose is why it needs to be used before sleep. My actual eyes felt a bit fresher rather than just the under-eye area which some masks focus on. My eyes definitely felt less dry and this made me feel a bit more focused as well as relaxed enough to want to go to sleep. The mask itself is a really great excuse to completely turn off for 15 minutes and have a bit of you time without looking at your phone or laptop. By losing one of my senses for a bit allowed me to focus on myself and wind down and actually chill. The added benefits of refreshing my eyes was also a bonus. The masks are currently retailing at £2.99 which is super affordable and is something I will be purchasing on a regular basis. If you too suffer from dry eyes or just want to add a bit more relaxation to your night-time routine, I definitely recommend the Garnier eye mask. 

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