Why Crying isn’t always a bad thing

So you’re probably wondering where the hell it is that I’m going with this post. Well bare with me, there is a good reason! Following on with my mental health posts, I wanted to explore some ways that can help manage my mind and feelings, and one thing I find of use is to have a good old cry!

We all know crying typically occurs when we’re sad, but for me I see it as a release. Crying is often seen as a negative, that by bringing out the waterworks is a sign of defeat, and this is exactly what I want to change. Now I’m not encouraging us all to gather round and start crying (honestly who can cry on demand, half the time my cries appear out of no where!) But I just want to address the fact that crying isn’t a sign of weakness and actually has a lot of benefits which can really help with your mental health;

  1.  Crying has a calming effect and can soothe your emotions

2. Your mood can be lifted and can generally make you feel a bit happier

3. Crying is a massive stress relief, so maybe forgo punching your pillow and let out a couple of tears instead

Most of the time, I feel so much better after crying out whatever has been building up, whether it be my workload or something as silly as running out of shampoo! After the tears have stopped flowing, I’m often left wondering what I was stressing about in the first place, I generally just feel a lot better! So by taking just 20 minutes to focus on how you’re feeling, writing down some thoughts, or just talking it through with a loved one,  a good old cry might just help you get everything out in to the open and out of your worries. After I finish up crying, I generally feel as though I’ve gotten rid of some clouds over my head, and that to me seems a worthwhile achievement.

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