Christmas Decoration Haul 2019

It’s no secret that I’m slightly crazy when it comes to Christmas, so much so that I’ve decided to jump onto my Christmas content before we’ve even reached December. Decorations, for me, are everything! As soon as the shops start decorating in July (I’m not even exaggerating) I get more excited than a little kid at, well Christmas! Honestly, just wack a snowman or Santa on something and you’ve got me hooked! For me, I love tacky decorations. I just get all the feels from younger years when I see tinsel and multi-coloured fairy lights, but I have tried to add a classier tone over the years when it comes to my decoration collection. For my first festive post of 2019, I thought I would show you all the new decorations I gathered this year ready for the season ahead.

1. Disneyland Assorted Decorations 

So if you don’t know by now, I love Disney! In October I returned to Disneyland Paris, and despite the time of year, they had tones of Christmas merchandise out. I’ve got myself a little Disney tradition in which I buy a Christmas decoration each time I visit a park. They had some gorgeous ornaments on display, but I decided to go for these two Mickey and Goofy decorations, purely because I thought they were damn cute! I didn’t want anything too big as I only have a small tree (for now!) and there isn’t that much space available, so I thought these two small decorations would work really well. They were around €13 each, but I have seen similar decorations in the Disney store back in the UK so keep an eye out. 

2. Snowman Cushion 

Right, I know I said I was trying to stay away from tacky decorations but I saw this and couldn’t resist! I picked this cushion up from Homesense for around £12.99 and I honestly adore it! It caught my eye instantly and reminded me of a decoration my Nan had when I was younger which is why I was drawn to it I guess. On top of the design, it is actually really soft and is perfect to scatter on my bed for ultimate comfort.  

3. Next Initial Decoration 

This decoration was very kindly brought for me by my little sister who knew I’d love it and she was absolutely right! It adds a very rustic, yet very cute look to my tree with the added personalisation of my initial. With gorgeous hints of red and green, it slightly edges on tacky but just a tad! It looks perfect right in the centre of my tree. It was from Next and was around £4.  

4. Christmas Wishes Plaque

I picked this next item up when visiting my family in Pembrokeshire. I found it in a little boutique store in Tenby and was around £4.99, and I just loved it! Christmas is just such a magical time so I really love the brief yet adorable message on this plaque.  I love how it is so simplistic and that it’s also just so easy to incorporate into a room with it free-standing.   

5. Primark Marie 

Firstly, can I just say how amazing Primark’s Christmas range is this year? They’ve really stepped up their ornament and gifting game! Whilst I was browsing I came across these amazing decorations. Marie is my favourite Disney character of all time so I was thrilled to find these decorations which came in a pack of two! I love a bit of Primark and would never bash it, but when it comes to my Disney collectable items like mugs and ornaments, I normally like to head to Disney and buy the official things. But let me tell you, these decorations look and feel high quality! I thought they would be plastic and feel cheap, but they feel really similar to my official Disney ornaments, and to get two ornaments for £5 is just fantastic! I am now on the lookout for some more, I’ve heard a rumour they have Olaf ones too!  

I would love to know what you think of my 2019 collection and let me know if you would like to see more of my Christmas decorations… I have more than I would like to admit! I would also love to see inside your decoration collection, so feel free to send me any links or pictures! 


7 thoughts on “Christmas Decoration Haul 2019

  1. How neat are these! I love how you’ve got something for everyone there. My personal favorite has to be the Primark Marie kitties. They’re adorable and I’m a sucker for cats anyhow!

    Don’t you just love how Christmas decorations lift your spirits every time you see them? 😀 Wishing you & yours a happy, healthy and blessed Christmas filled with overflowing joy! ❤


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