My Bucket List: 5 things I would love to experience

This week seems to be day dreaming week on my blog. Not sure why to be exact but I’m going with it! So, following on from last post about my dream holiday destination, I thought I would tell you all about a few things I would LOVE to do, see or learn one day, just in case you were interested!

  1. Learn another language

I absolutely hate going abroad to all these amazing places and not knowing how to communicate with the locals besides saying ‘hello!’ it actually embarrasses me! Also it amazes me how multi lingual people manage to communicate so well. I have a friend who knows 3 languages fluently and I’m always asking her what language does she think in? I would love to know how it feels to know more than one language, honestly I would be so smug!

  1. Safari

I would love to go on a safari! I’ve always loved giraffes so to see them in their natural habitat just going about their day would honestly make me cry!

  1. The Northern Lights

This is a biggie on my bucket list! I would love to go to Iceland in the winter months when its all snowy and see the Northern Lights. I’ve always been amazed by them and although I’ve tried to understand what they are (I mean I think they’re something to do with magnets – honestly not a clue!) I think they’re so magical. I would take a couple of pictures but then put my phone away and just take it all in.

4.Ā  Trace my family tree

I have quite a small family which is lovely, but I would love to trace my family tree back as far as it goes! Very ‘Who do you think you are’ style. I just find the whole thing fascinating!

  1. See a One Direction Reunion

Because they are the best and I can die happy seeing them back together. That is all.

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