What’s in my handbag? The essentials you need in your bag

While this is a very old topic, I think this may actually be my first post around a social trend! I’ve been meaning to tackle the ‘what’s in my handbag’ challenge for a while now and I finally decided that today is the day! So if you’re looking to update your handbag, or just fancy being nosy and finding out what I’ve been carrying around with me in my day to day, be sure to keep reading!

So everyday I drag the same handbag to and from work, and I’ll be totally honest, it’s a massive mess. When it comes to the weekend, I move my essentials into a smaller bag and forget all about the heavy weight of my weekday bag! But for the purpose of a fun and possibly embarrassing post, I’m going to unpack my work bag and all the random crap it holds, all for your amusement, so you are welcome!

So let’s start with the essentials:

  1. Purse – I am in desperate need of a new purse and I cannot find one anywhere, so any recommendations of stores that do lovely purses are truly welcomed!
  2. Headphones – Even though I now drive to work, I still carry my headphones with me just in case I need to zone out.
  3. iPhone – I mean in this day and age, you’d have to be pretty crazy to leave the house without your phone!
  4. Keys – If I so happen to remember them!
  5. Lip balm – A must for me, especially in the winter months!
  6. Mints/chewing gum – Just in case I need to freshen up.
  7. Lipstick – I seem to have the most pale lips in the world, I look like a corpse without it.
  8. Facial spray – This is amazing in the summer, but also just to freshen your make up and make you feel more awake. I’m currently using the Mario Badescu facial spray in the Aloe, Chamomile and Lavender scent (check it out here)

Now time to dive in deeper and see what else is lurking in this Mary Poppins’ bag!

  • Receipts, receipts and more receipts – Seriously? Why do I insist on asking for a receipt for everything and then not do anything with it? I mean, as if I’m going to return the chocolate bar I just brought?
  • A squashed cereal bar – When on earth did I buy this?! I’m too afraid to look at the expiry date!
  • Lidless pen – Complete with ink stains on the lining of my bag, so that’s great.
  • 10,263 packs of tissues – Because clearly I am Sneezy from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • Mini hairbrush – I’m actually quite happy with this discovery, I can finally stop looking like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards!
  • Three notebooks – I mean it’s always good to be organised, but why three notebooks? Do they have different purposes? What is going on?
  • Oyster card – Considering I have been driving for over a year, it’s nice to know I can still hop onto the Tube whenever I feel like it.
  • An umbrella – Something that is actually useful! It’s about time there was a purpose for something in this bag!

So there we have it, the mess that is my handbag! I think it’s clear why my back has been hurting over the last few months! Is your handbag a maze like mine, or do you have any tips on what I should be carrying about? Let me know in the comments 🙂


4 thoughts on “What’s in my handbag? The essentials you need in your bag

  1. I used to carry around a large Long Champ bag and it was so heavy and full of crap. I’m now trying to purchase smaller bags so I have less weight and clutter.

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