Honest Review: Reusable ‘Chilly Bottle’ Water bottle- Is it worth the money?


Chilly Bottles are a reusable water bottle founded in the UK in 2010. The aim was to allow consumers to have cold water on the go rather than having to purchase plastic bottles. The metal bottles use thermal technology to make your drink stay cooler for longer, 24 hours to be exact, depending on the temperature of the drink when you pour it. The bottles can also keep sparkling drinks fizzier for longer. The bottles are designed to be sustainable and are therefore environmentally friendly. I purchased my bottle back in August and it use it every single day, so I thought it was only right that I write this review where I’ll answer some FAQ’s on the product.


The main product that Chilly Bottles are best known for are their water bottles, which of course I will be reviewing later in this post. They come in four different sizes; 260ml, 500ml, 750ml and the mammoth 1.8l size. The thing I love about Chilly Bottles is that they have so many colours and patterns to choose from, all of which are absolutely stunning. There are stainless steel metallic designs, floral patterns, and pastels on offer to name but a few. On their website, you can mix and match the bottle and lids to create your own unique bottle and preview what it will look like. You can also personalise bottles with the name engraving service, which I think would make for the most thoughtful gift. Alongside their reusable water bottles, Chilly also sell coffee cups and various accessories such as a cleaning brush. To view the entire Chilly Bottle Range be sure to check out their website.

The Review

My first hurdle was deciding what colour/design to choose. As I say, there is so much variety on offer which is great, but for an indecisive person like me, it did take me a bit of time to decide on my chosen bottle! I decided to keep things simple and I opted for a pastel, matt finish design in a gorgeous baby blue colour, which unintentionally matches my Tiffany Necklace, complete with a stainless steel lid. I chose the 500ml option and it’s the perfect size for me, and makes it easy to track my water intake daily. The customer service was great, they kept me updated with my order and also had a live chat feature if I had any questions.

The bottle arrived in very secure packaging with little to no plastic, therefore keeping in line with their Eco friendly message. Now for the test, would my Chilly Bottle really keep my drink colder for longer? I poured some water from the fridge into the bottle one evening, I went to bed and when I woke up in the morning, it was still freezing! I was actually amazed!

One thing to note is that the bottles are not recommended to be placed in the fridge, as this can affect the bottles thermal technology, but to be honest, you wouldn’t need to worry about your drinks staying cold as the bottle does its job so well. 5 months later the bottle still works as if it was brand new. The colour and branding have not faded one bit and the bottle has even withstood knocks and drops.

Due to their shape, the bottles can sometimes be difficult to clean, but Chilly does sell a special brush to help with this, but I haven’t tried it. To be honest, I find that a drop of washing up liquid and a good rinse does the trick! The bottle is also completely leak proof which is a massive bonus for me. I can place the bottle into my bag without a second thought.

Bottom Line

I feel like everybody needs a Chilly Bottle in their lives! Not only does it keep your drink colder for longer, it also is massively environmentally friendly. The bottles are somewhat on the more expensive side, I paid £20 for mine, but they do often hold sales, so be sure to keep an eye out for them. However I feel the amazing benefits of the bottles justify the cost. I highly recommend this bottle to everyone who is keen to stay refreshed on the go and lower their carbon footprint.


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