Trying to make the world a kinder place

I’ve started this post so many times, it wasn’t in my plan at all. There was a tragic event this weekend, which you will be well aware of if you live in the UK. I don’t wish to go into details about it, out of respect. But, I did start this blog with the intention of keeping it true to my thoughts and feelings, and I must say, what happened this weekend has really shocked me because the saddest part is that the whole situation could have been easily prevented if the world was simply a kinder place.

Kindness is taught from a young age. Even as babies, we’re taught how to share and consider others, it’s just vital lesson we all learn at some point. So, you would have thought that kindness would almost be second nature to us all by now,  but sadly that is not the case. The world can be such a cruel place at times. As children, we look up to these grown ups, expecting them to tell us right from wrong, but they’re the ones turning on people, shaming people and judging people, all to somehow better their lives. These are the same people who are then shocked when things become all to much for some people.

Away from the spotlight, events occur day in and day out in the form of name calling and jokes at other people’s expense. Yes, at times this is seen as banter, but sometimes that fine line is crossed into becoming personal. Someone may appear to take the joke well, but words can stick with people for a lifetime.

We’ve all been guilty of being unkind at some point, myself included, no matter how unintentional it may have been. It just goes to show you really do need to stop and think before you speak. Instead of potentially being mean, why not spread a bit of kindness? Stop comparing other people, just appreciate the person in front of you for who they are, a human with feelings. Do you really want to chance a sarcastic comment or a personal joke in order to maybe get a cheap laugh? Rather than trying to out rank each other, why don’t we support each other instead?

Next time you’re sitting on the train, stuck in a traffic jam, or sitting in Starbucks, take a look around. Everyone single person you see is a human simply living their lives, the majority of which will face difficult situations which may not always be obvious to the outside world. Sure, they may be smiling, but you have no idea what is going on inside their minds at all, and you would never be able to assume either. For all you know, they could be screaming for help on the inside. Something as simple as holding the door open for someone, or giving a stranger a smile, can honestly make the world of difference.

Kindness can go so far in helping others, but it can also help yourself too. You’ll be surprised that once you start treating people more nicely, you’ll start treating yourself better also. It’s almost like wiping out any negativity within yourself. For more info, check out my post on self-love.

In such sadness, let’s be part of the solution. Let’s not stand for this bullying and unfair treatment. Let’s start random acts of kindness, let’s lead the way and make the world a kinder place bit by bit. Being kind can truly save lives. It’s as simple as that.

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