How I store and organise my Nail Polish Collection

As I’m sure you know by now, I love nail polish! My collection is endless and I’m actually very proud of it, even if I do say so myself. But as any nail polish addict will know, storing nail polish bottles can be a tricky task. It’s not so much their size, it’s more so the fact that they’re not at all flexible in the slightest, so even if you own just a handful of polishes, it can be difficult to store them somewhere. With such a large collection, I’ve tried countless storage methods and have found a solution that works for me, so today I thought I would share my nail polish storage hacks.

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A popular method shared by most people is nail storage cases, but I have a slight issue with this form of storage. For starters, what attracts you to a certain nail polish in the first place? Sure the number one thing is the nail polish shade, but if that same shade was available from two different brands at the same price, what’s the next deciding factor? That’s right, the bottle! I’ve made countless purchases based on how the nail polish bottle looks alone, which is slightly vain but who cares? So, if the appearance of the nail polish bottle is so important, you don’t want to just shove it into a box! I like to display my collection, and as sad as it may sound, admire it! Also, this is great for my nail polish organisation as I can clearly see all of my polishes rather than having to rummage through a box.

I brought these two wall hanging nail racks from Amazon years ago and they work amazingly! I can clearly see my entire nail polish collection and most importantly I can see if any of my polishes are missing. I can just look at my nail rack and choose what shade I fancy painting my nails. I also think by using these wall hanging racks saves so much storage space, which in my small house is always a bonus, and they also look super cute and professional, I’m always given compliments on them.

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Amazon has so many to choose from, some of which you can personalise with your name or message which I think is a great idea for a gift or for a business.

Despite having two wall hanging nail racks, I still needed more storage for my collection, so I purchased a smaller, free-standing stand which is also from Amazon. It’s perfect if you have a smaller collection that you wish to show off. As it’s freestanding, you don’t need to worry about making holes in the wall, which is great if you’re renting your property, and it also gives you the ability to display your collection anywhere. I placed my freestanding nail polish stand on my shelf and I think it would look really cool if you were to place multiple stands next to each other and fill the shelf with ultimately one massive nail polish stand.

If you opt for a display stand, you can also have fun in organising your colours. I tend to organise mine by brand, so for example, China Glaze then OPI etc, and then once they’re in their brand, I tend to organise them in shades as best as possible. Some people like to group their nail polishes into colours, but I find having bottles of a similar size and shape much more aesthetically pleasing. Honestly, I tried organising by colour before and it threw me off so much that I couldn’t sleep! But again, this is all down to preference.

If you take one thing from this blog post, it should be that you can never have too many nail polishes and you should be proud of your collection! How do you store your nail polishes? Have any life hacks that I need to know about? Let me know in the comments.

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