My Tips for Working from Home like a Boss!

Well, here we are, full-on lockdown! Like the rest of the country and the world, I am currently working from home due to COVID-19. As a person who loves their home comforts, I thought I would absolutely love it, but having to work in my home for a long period of time, I’m hating it! I think it would be different if I worked for myself, I could be flexible and take breaks when I need, but while working alongside a virtual team, you need to make sure all your schedules somewhat meet.

I’m mainly struggling with turning off at the end of the day. As much as I normally hate my commute, and least it gives me a bit of time to unwind and get work off my brain. As we’re all in the same boat and I’m sure other people are feeling the exactly the same, I thought I would share some tips that I’m trying in order to adjust to working from home…

Fancy a bit of normality? Me too! Check out my regular daily routine

Have a dedicated work area

It’s so tempting to work in front of the TV or from the comfort of your bed, but it’s probably best to avoid this altogether. Create a makeshift desk at your dining room table, or even work on the kitchen counter! Just somewhere that you don’t go to relax at the end of that day. That way, you won’t associate your social and ‘wind-down’ areas with work. Also, by having a dedicated workspace, you’re less prone to distractions, meaning your productivity levels will increase. 

Morning routine

Not having to commute means more time to sleep in my book! But don’t stay in bed right up until the time you have to start working. Get up, get dressed, have something to eat, even tidy the house a bit and then begin work. By spending a bit of time setting up your work area and looking after yourself sets you up for the rest of the day. 

Stick to your working hours

Working remotely means it’s often difficult to turn off at the end of the day. It’s so valuable to stick to your regular working hours to lower your stress levels. It’s sometimes tempting to carry on working into the evening, but it’s so important to have a cut-off point. You can’t work 24 hours a day!

Stay organised

This is one bit of advice for when you’re working anywhere, whether it’s at the office, home, or in Antarctica. You need to stay organised! Writing a to-do list at the start of the day and adding to it throughout the day, and most importantly, ticking things off as you go is a great tip for success, give it a try! 

Take your breaks in their entirety  

It’s very tempting to take plenty of breaks when working from home, but rather than taking random breaks every 10 minutes, which is basically a breeding ground for procrastination, take your full lunch break and a couple of tea breaks here and there. Normally, I like to go out for a walk on my breaks, but as we’re in quarantine, that’s pretty much out of the question. So, if you’re lucky enough to have a garden, go and enjoy a nice Spring breeze and catch a breath or two. If not, get away from your screen or work area and exercise or do something productive around the house. Our breaks are still valid, even if we are at home.

Carry on with your evening routine

Normally when I get home from work, I like to change out of my work clothes, take my makeup off and freshen up. Now that I’m working from home, I basically live in loungewear and wear zero makeup, but still, when 5:30 comes around I change into a fresh pair of PJs, cleanse my face and spray a bit of my favourite perfume. Sticking to this routine allows me to begin my evening how I normally would and puts a firm end to my working day.

I find that I get far more stressed working from home than I do at work, purely because it feels like work is invading my personal safe space where I relax. But, I do think that by implementing my own advice, which to be honest I wish I could do a lot better, my current situation will become a lot easier. No one knows how long we may be in this situation, so let’s make the best out of a bad situation and try to stay as happy as possible. Are you finding working from home difficult? Do you normally work from home, if so do you have any advice? Let me know in the comments! Be sure to stay safe and stay indoors my loves! 

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