My Daily Routine in Self Isolation 

So last week, in an attempt to relive some normality, I posted my daily routine (if you missed it, be sure to check it out here.) Now it only seems right to post my self-isolation daily routine for a clear comparison on just how much impact it has on everyone’s days.

I think it’s so important that we all stay indoors and only leave the house if we absolutely have to. I’m so on board with it, because at the of the day, the sooner we all comply, the sooner it will all be over. I’m not complaining about having to stay cooped up at all, I’m simply highlighting the change in dynamic that we’re all going through.

It’s a very strange, scary and unpredictable time, that it seems almost silly to ignore it and carry on blogging like normal. The world has never seen anything like this and I hope it never does again. It all just seems so surreal! I keep saying it reminds me of ‘Birdbox’ where you can’t go outside out of fear of being attacked by a faceless monster! I just can’t quite grasp that this is in fact happening! I feel as though we’ll look back at this time in years to come and we won’t quite believe what we’ve experienced. But I do trust in the fact that by self-isolating where possible is the best thing anyone can do in this current climate.

I appreciate that some people don’t have the luxury of working from home and of course we have some unbelievable front line workers out there who honestly deserve all the praise we can give them. As an account manager at a digital marketing agency, must of my work life is online and I am very lucky in the sense that I can work from home. Therefore Monday-Friday I’m still getting my full working day in, but things have definitely changed from the norm….

FYI – here are my top tips for working from home like a boss!

My Self Isolation Daily Routine

8:30am – roll out of bed and jump in the shower

8:50am – change into a clean pair of PJs or loungewear and shove my hair back to air dry

9:00am – Begin work

10:00am – Stop, make myself a cup of tea and put on some day time TV in the background

11:00am – Time for a conference call, let’s pray that the camera doesn’t turn on!

12:00am – Is it lunchtime yet?!

1:00pm – Lunchtime is here! I make a sandwich with whatever I can find in the fridge and head out into the garden to be at one with nature

1:30pm – Time to make sure my Disney Magic Kingdom game is all good (amazing game by the way, it’s Farmville meets Disneyland!

2:00pm – Time to check my email, just the 50 in the last hour (cries)

3:00pm – Someone get me a cup of tea!

5:00pm – Time for the government update. I feel like this is the time of day where the country stops and watches, it really reminds me of war times!

5:30pm – Finally, time to turn the laptop off!

6:00pm – Dinner time

6:30pm – Despite not going anywhere, I am exhausted! Time to watch Disney+ and get into bed

11:00pm – Crap is that the time?! Best be going to sleep

12:00am – One more episode!

AND REPEAT. It’s very much a no make-up, comfy clothes, snacking routine. that is centred around work, but mainly food! I think when all this is over I will not have a clue on how to wear jeans, put make-up on or even how to interact with new people!

How have you been affected by COVID-19? Let me know in the comments.

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