Waxify Candles Haul – Do they compare with luxury candles?

*Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link. If you place an order using the link provided, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you, the customer*

Anyone that has been reading my blog for a while will know about my obsession with candles. I just love them; they relax me, fill my house with gorgeous scents and make me feel as though I’ve got my life together! I usually go to the high street for my candles, mostly Homesense as they have so many brands on offer, but due to the current lockdown, my candle burn rate is through the roof and I started to feel bored with my current collection and was in desperate need for new scents.

I was scrolling through Facebook one day and I saw an ad for Waxify Candles. I’d never heard of them before so I thought I would have a look into the company and what they have to offer. Waxify Candles are a Scottish business offering handmade soy candles, luxury handwash and scented wax melts, AKA my absolute heaven! They are very affordable compared to my go-to Yankee Candle, with candles priced at £12.95 for 30-40 hours of burning, and the number of unique scents on offer is amazing, including; Purple Rain Cocktail, Cola Sweets, Rhubarb and Strawberry, Fresh Cotton, Gin and Tonic, and a Happy Birthday scent. To see the full range of scents available, check out the Waxify website here. I just couldn’t resist all of the amazing scents on offer, so a few days and a lighter bank account later, my order had arrived! I felt like a kid at Christmas, so I thought I would turn this post into a little haul and show you guys what I ordered and more importantly what I thought.

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I went for a few candles but mostly wax melts which I adore! I find they have a stronger scent compared to candles, no matter the brand. Let’s start with the candles! I ordered three in total and they were all discounted, along with every item at the time of purchase, to just £9 each! I went for; Alien Invasion (inspired by the Alien perfume) Cola sweets, and Bedtime Baby Bath. First of all, I just want to point out how much I love the candle packaging. All the candles have their own unique image based on the scent and are in little metal tins, which could easily be reused for storage once the wax has been burnt.

So how strong were the scents? I have burnt all three and let me say that they are all very true to their namesake! Cola sweets smells like a Pic ‘n’ Mix stall, Bedtime Baby Bath smells like Johnson’s Baby Bath, and I compared Alien Invasion to my Thierry Mugler perfume and I can confirm that they are very similar indeed! The main thing that impressed me was how much these small candles filled the room with their gorgeous scents! I was quite shocked. As a Yankee Candle lover, some of their scents are rather subtle so a burning candle can easily go unnoticed in terms of smell, but all three of my Waxify Candles beat Yankee Candles ability to spread luscious smells around the whole house, hands down! Not bad for a candle that’s a fraction of the price!

Next up I brought a handful of wax melts. I’ll save my intro into my love of wax melts for another post, but I think I have double the amount of wax melts than I do candles, so I think that alone speaks for itself. I ordered a handful of wax melts from Waxify, including Mint Choc Chip, Pink Sands Beach, Lemon Sherbet and Pumpkin Spice in preparation for Autumn. Again, all were very true to scent, with Pink Sands Beach smelling very similar to the Yankee Candle alternative. Like I mentioned earlier, I find wax melts generally tend to have a stronger scent compared to candles, but these Waxify melts are next level. Forget spreading around the room, their scent spreads all over the house! They’re absolutely amazing, and I managed to snap them up for £4 each at time of purchase!

Overall, what are my thoughts on Waxify candles? Well, I think I have a new favourite candle brand! Not only are they very affordable, but their products are also super high quality and smell absolutely gorgeous! The customer service is also superb. From a live chat feature, helpful order updates and an approachable social media presence, you really do feel as though you’re buying from a friendly company, which of course you are! I even received a few sweeties with my order which only added to the great customer service I experienced.

If you would like to explore what Waxify candles have to offer, be sure to check out their website. If you do place an order, let me know what scents and products you’ve chosen, I love talking candles if you haven’t guessed so already! In the meantime, I’ll be browsing the site and causing ever more damage to my bank account!

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