Honest Review: Imperial Candles and the Hidden Jewel

I’m finally back from my break from blogging and I come bearing a new candle brand review! For a while now, I’ve been spotting Instagram ads for Imperial Candles, a UK based company who have been featured on Dragon’s Den, known for their unique candles with an added surprise. Imperial Candles actually sell a wide range of items, from wax melts and burners to cuddly toys, reed diffusers, as well as bath and body products, but what intrigued me most was their unique candle collection. What sets them apart from the rest is that Imperial Candles have a hidden piece of jewellery in each jar which can range in value from £10 up to an amazing £2,000! So me being candle obsessed, I decided to give it a go and let you all know what I thought of Imperial Candles!

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So let’s start with the actual candles. The candles come in a range of sizes, and of course, I opted for the biggest candle on offer! The available scents all sound so magical that it was hard to pick! You can choose from; Santorini Sunrise, Tropical Getaway, Wild Unicorn, Happy Birthday, and Pink Flamingo to name but a few, alongside more obvious scents such as Pure Cotton and Black Coconut. I opted for Cotton Candy after much deliberation, which is an absolutely gorgeous yet surprisingly light scent, not sickly in the slightest. All the jars are very pretty and have lovely illustrations and patterns on the label, making it a real showpiece. I am also a sucker for a pillar candle, I think they just look so classy sitting on a shelf.

So how does the candle compare to other brands? All of Imperial Candles’ are vegan and are made from soy wax, which is my new favourite type of candle, I find it makes for much better scent distribution. The Imperial Candle definitely fills a room with its luscious scent, and I also got lots of compliments from family members wondering what the luscious smell was, so it’s safe to say it passed my luxury test! The candle also burnt evenly, helped along by the double wick feature and meant that the candle didn’t tunnel at all.

The foil-wrapped jewel making its first appearance.

Moving onto the hidden jewels! When purchasing the candle, you can select which type of hidden jewellery you would like to discover, either; earrings, necklaces, bracelets or a ring. It’s also important to note that if you opt to go for the ring option, you can select your ring size so no need to worry about the ring not fitting. I chose a bracelet as I was in need of a new one. Before burning, there was no indication of where the bracelet could be, no bumps in the surface or any hint around the side of the jar, so it really was a mystery as to where it could be, which definitely added to the fun of it all! I lit the double wicked candle and began to wait.

After a few hours, I could see a faint line in the surface on the melting wax, which I could only assume was the bracelet. A few more hours later, at around the 8 hours of burning mark, it had surfaced enough for me to grab it. On reading reviews, I noticed a few other customers seemed a bit disappointed that it took so long to discover the jewel, but personally I’m glad I had to wait for the time I did, it kept me in suspense and made the experience last longer. If it was right at the top from the get-go, I would have felt a bit cheated, but luckily it was just above the halfway mark of the candle which I think is the perfect amount of time to wait!

The latest addition to my jewellery box

In order to grab the jewel, Imperial Candles recommend using tweezers. Once I blew the candle out, I was quick to grab the jewel before any wax set around it. Once retrieved, I unwrapped the foil to find the bracelet sealed in a little plastic bag, with a label displaying the value code. In order to discover the jewellery’s value, I went onto Imperial Candle’s code checker, typed in the code and it told me that it was worth £25 and made from sterling silver. While it wasn’t the mighty £2,000 jackpot, I was still pretty chuffed! The bracelet itself is very pretty, it’s nice and dainty with that added sparkle, perfect for me to wear on a daily basis. I was slightly concerned that it would be like a bracelet you would find in the bottom of a kid’s party bag, but that was far from the truth! It’s truly a lovely piece of jewellery that I can’t wait to show off.

The candle I purchased was £29.99, which makes it one of the more pricer candles in my ever-growing collection, but I would happily pay that price again for this product as it is a really high-quality candle that’s easily on par with my trusted Yankee Candles, which are of a similar price. In fact, I would go as far as to say that Imperial Candles are better at distributing the scent across the room, which I think is down to the soy wax. Of course, what you don’t get with a Yankee Candle is a free piece of jewellery that is actually wearable, so really Imperial Candles are incredible value for money, especially if you discover a jewel that’s valued over £30!

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So would I recommend Imperial Candles? I think the answer to that is an obvious yes! I absolutely loved everything about the experience; the excitement of discovering my hidden jewel, the scent and of course the quality of the candle with the added bonus of a new silver bracelet! I just think it’s such a great concept, I mean the candles are essentially elaborate scratch cards! Imperial Candles also offer bath bombs which have hidden jewels as well, which would be such a lovely gift idea. If you want to check out all that Imperial Candles have to offer, be sure to check out their site here. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to order more candles!

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