Bloggers Guide: My Top Tips on How to Become Motivated

As my regular readers would know, my normal blogging schedule has been completely off lately! I seem to be going weeks, even months without posting much content on my blog. Now that isn’t to say I haven’t been busy; in fact, I’ve been working hard on some behind the scenes stuff and I’ve been very active on my socials. However, my motivation for actually writing content has been non-existent, and that’s because lockdown has really kicked my arse and my energy levels and attention span has been at an all-time low.

So, as the world slowly starts to reopen, I am taking that as the opportunity to turn over a new leaf and begin to fall in love with writing blog posts again on a more regular basis, and what better way to start than to write a blog post all about motivation! It occurred to me that whilst I was feeling the doom and gloom of being cooped up in the house; I wasn’t alone, and that many others bloggers around the world would too be in exactly the same boat, which is such a shame. We are living through such an extraordinary time that’s changed our lives drastically, and it’s taking its toll on the blogging community’s creativity and energy. So, if you too are feeling a bit lost when it comes to your blog, I have pinpointed some great tips on how to find your motivation so you can get back to sharing your amazing content with your audience. Therefore, without further ado, here are my top tips on how to become motivated and more importantly, stay motivated.

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Strike whilst the irons hot

It’s so important to not put off work for a later date. When inspiration strikes, go full steam ahead and do as much work as you can and get the ball rolling. If you decide to begin work on that amazing idea a few days later, chances are you will have forgotten important details and won’t feel as excited by the idea. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought up a great blog post idea, decided on the perfect direction and intro, and when I’ve come to write it a few days later, I can’t even remember what I wanted to call the post! The inspiration had simply just disappeared and I had to go back to the drawing board, whereas if I had just cracked on with the post when I first thought up the idea, I would have had a decent, passionate post to share. Your audience can tell when you’re excited about a post, enthusiasm really shines through your words, so if you’re writing about a topic once your passion for the topic has since passed, they’ll see right through it and won’t connect with the post as much. So when that groundbreaking idea finds it’s way to you, it’s best to start planning it right away.

That being said, ideas can come to mind at very inconvenient times, such as in the shower or whilst driving. So if you really cannot open the laptop and spend a few hours working away, be sure to take detailed notes or voice notes and come back to it as soon as you can. Having a schedule for creativity can sadly prove very tricky, which brings me onto my next point.

Write a daily To-do list

Having a daily routine works amazingly for some, but for many, it’s not so easy. Either your life is just that bit too hectic to have a set routine day in and day out, or you simply get bored doing the same things at the same time every single day. Don’t pressure yourself into having a routine if it simply does not work for your lifestyle. Things like having kids or a shift based job can make planning in advanced very difficult and means that no two days are the same. Strict routines can actually prove to be very un-inspirational. But that doesn’t mean your day can’t benefit from some organisation.

Either before you go to bed the night before, or when you wake up in the morning, spend 10 minutes writing a list of all the things that you need to do that day. That way, you can create a rough outline of a schedule for that day, making sure you can fit in all your tasks. By writing down your tasks, you’re more likely to get them done rather than keeping note of them mentally, as things tend to become jumbled and forgotten about. You’ll also get a sense of achievement when you tick a task off, which often spurs you onto the next and even encourages you to get more done. Even on self-care days, a to-do list can prove very effective, even if the tasks are as simple as ‘make the bed’ or ‘wash hair.’ Ticking off tasks is like giving yourself a happy pill, it really does lift your mood!

Do the worse tasks first

We all have tasks we dread which we always push back as much as possible, but this is actually a terrible idea. By having that dreaded feeling hanging over you all day, you won’t be able to focus on other tasks at hand and it will definitely affect your mood for the entire day. Therefore, it’s best to get these big, scary tasks out of the way first, meaning you can put more energy into your other tasks for the day, and you will generally feel a lot happier too!

Give yourself an incentive

You know like how you hang a carrot in front of a donkey’s face to make it walk? Well, the same thing works for humans too! Just pick your carrot; for me, it’s usually a cup of tea but it could be anything! Maybe you fancy a walk in the sun, a little run around with your pet or a quick TikTok scroll – just be sure to set a timer so you don’t lose track of time! By rewarding yourself after completing a few tasks will give you that determination to finish what you need to do.

keep your phone at bay

It’s no secret that our mobile phones are one of the biggest distractions there are, so it is really recommended that you leave your phone in another room whilst you’re busy. But for bloggers, this isn’t ideal at all. We need our phones to reply to comments, share updates with our audience on social media and to generally stay connected with our community. What I do is to try and stay away for my phone, and then every 30 minutes or so, I give myself a 5-10 minute window to pick it up and reply to a few comments on Instagram or add to my stories, and then I put it away again and carry on with what I’m doing. This technique requires great will power but it does help to keep the phone temptation at bay, it does get easier the more you do it.

A handy tip that I often use is to try and have an out-of-body experience, in which you pretend you are looking at yourself sitting on your phone at your desk. It helps me to go ‘right, I shouldn’t be on my phone anymore, I should go back to work.’ It just helps to keep the situation in perspective and work out what really is more important. If you were watching someone else ignoring their work and scrolling through Instagram, you too would encourage them to put their phone down, it works in exactly the same way. Think about how much better you’ll feel in an hours time if you’ve worked on your SEO technique rather than scrolling through your timeline. Social media is a 24-hour platform that isn’t going anywhere, it can wait a few hours whilst you crack on with what you need to do.

Reflect on what you’ve achieved each day

It’s so important to reflect daily on what you’ve done that day. Congratulate yourself on how much you’ve achieved and be proud that you’re one step closer to where you want to be, but also don’t be so hard on yourself if you haven’t managed to move from the sofa all day. We all have days where we lack motivation and that’s ok. Just use that self-doubt energy and turn it into determination to make the next day a better one, and I promise you’ll feel so much better. It’s all about balance and listening to your body and your head.


Hopefully, you’ve found some of my advice helpful and it has encouraged you to get out of the lockdown rut that we’ve all been through. Just take every day as it comes and try to get the most out of it. I’d love it if you could leave a comment on what tips you are going to try, or if you have any advice yourself, please feel free to share. Just remember, no matter how much your lacking energy, know that it’s only temporary and you will come out of this stronger and more determined 🙂

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